SiteScout 1.50

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text {font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size: 13;text-align: left; vertical-align: middle;word-spacing: 1; }Database ManualThe product you are about to buy is the SiteScout server task for Domino.

Please download the Notes database and manual from the SiteScout products page at www. outofline. co. uk. DescriptionThe following is a list of some of the functionality that SiteScout has to offer: Database informationDatabase launch optionsDatabase file typesDatabase propertiesProfile document informationDatabases that have been deletedNew databases added to the serverACL informationDatabase design informationDesign refresh informationInheritance informationDefault read access (Forms/Views/Folders)Who can create access (Forms)Design elements with public accessAgent informationWhen agents last ranSchedule informationErrors that occurred (from the log file)Database usageQuotas, warning thresholds, last used, etcDatabase user activitiesCalendaring schedulingShowing which databases are referenced in the Domino DirectoryShowing databases that are listed in the Domino Directory, but do not exist on the serverReplication/save conflict management Replication informationWhy SiteScout ?

SiteScout can be thought of as a Super Catalog. There are currently various other applications available which address some of the functionality available in SiteScout:Some applications will analyze a specific database, but do not tell you which other databases have the same informationSome applications will give you a view of certain information about the databases in your environment, but to a limited extentSiteScout enables you to compare various database properties/information in a matrix, which makes comparisons easy.

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